Wool & Wispy Northern Lights Tour – September 16-25, 2017

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Knitting in The Faroes

September 16-25, 2017

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Although one can never guarantee Northern Lights displays, I couldn’t resist including it in the title since I have done everything I could to arrange the itinerary for maximum opportunity!  We will be spending a few nights outside of Torshavn in northward facing accommodations (one with hot tubs) and the Aurora Borealis does start in September.   On this trip we will visit several islands in the Faroes, with scenery ranging from gentle hills to mountain passes and dramatic cliffs.  In addition to dramatic landscapes we will have a workshop with Katarina i Geil and learn about the Faroese colorwork patterns and how to make Skoleistar – Faroese slippers!   Along the way we will be visiting various yarn shops and local knitting groups.

Day by day Itinerary:

September 16 – Depart for Iceland (overnight flight)


Day 1 – Sunday, September 17   

After arriving in the morning at Keflavik airport in Iceland, you will be transported to Reykjavik for one night.  Reykjavik is a fascinating city to explore with lots of wonderful museums, shops, cafes and restaurants, not to mention a visit to The Handknitting Association!  Alternatively, just relax at Arnarhvol, where there is a spa for you to relax in after your overnight flight. 

Optional Extra – NorthernLights Cruise & Dinner ($130)

Day 2 – Monday, September 18

No rush to get up today unless you want to explore more of Reykjavik before our onward flight to The Faroe Islands.  Primarily a travel day, once we arrive in The Faroes, we will be transported to our hotel in the quaint capital, Torshavn.  Check in and get comfortable, and then we will head out for a guided walking tour of Torshavn so that we will have our bearings for the next few days and get a chance to hear about the history of this fascinating city.  Turf roofed buildings are not restricted to the historic old town, but are still used frequently today for their wonderful insulating properties. Dinner is on your own, but don’t forget to enjoy the café in Hotel Hafnia, where a basket of knitting sits beckoning on the bench!

Day 3 – Tuesday, September 19

Now that we have eased into the time zone, it’s time to get started with some real knitting!  After a morning visit to a local yarn store to stock up on some materials for our skoleister (slipper) workshop on Wednesday, we will meet Katarina í Geil, a local knitwear designer who will guide us through an exploration of Faroese colorwork patterns and how to design our own.   We will sketch and knit through lunch in a wonderful historic property, playing with color variations and knitting swatches.  After our workshop, Katarina will join us for dinner at one of Torshavn’s best restaurants.


Day 4 – Wednesday, September 20

Today will be a bit flexible depending on interest and the weather.  We will be taking the ferry in the morning to the neighboring island of Nolsoy where Katarina í Geil will join us and teach us how to knit skoleister, the Faroese slippers.  Shortly before lunch, we will go for a guided walk and gather some wild greens for our salad and assist our hosts with our lunch preparations.  After lunch, local knitters will join us for a community knitting session, and we will return to Torshavn in time for dinner.  The flexible bit will be whether there enough interest in the group and good weather to take a sail over to Nolsoy’s cliffs on our way to or from Torshavn.   Warm and waterproof suits will be provided if we prove adventurous!

Day 5 – Thursday, September 21

Another day, another island!  Today we will meet our local driver guide who will take us to the island of Sandoy, where we will have our best chance at seeing the Northern Lights.  We will be staying in the Hotel Skalavik, in a combination of one large apartment and several separate rooms.  The apartment will give us a communal space to knit in the evenings, and we will stay here for two nights.  Of course, if we tire of knitting in our living room, we can always knit under the starry sky in the hot tubs! (Cue Aurora Borealis, please!)  Tonight we will dine in one or two of the hotel’s cozy grill huts, where we will cook our own meal on the grill in the center of the table.

Day 6 – Friday, September 22

Sandoy is one of the older islands, where the hills are worn and smaller than on the northern islands.  Our time on Sandoy will also be flexible, with time for walks along the shore, renting bikes from the hotel, and meeting with local knitters, some of whom have famously covered a large boulder with a sweater!  The sweater depicts a local legend about a witch, who is prominently displayed on the boulder!  Dinner will be on our own tonight at the hotel restaurant.

Day 7 – Saturday, September 23

From the relatively rolling hills of Sandoy, we will hop on the ferry again and head north to the dramatically mountainous island of Eysturoy.  High mountain passes, tunnels through mountains and under fjords, and sheep clinging precariously to steep hills that plunge into the sea will be familiar sights by the end of the day.  Our guide will regale us with local legends and some history for good measure, and we will make various stops along the way, including at a yarn store or two.  The charming village of Gjogv will be our destination.  There, a small gorge opens into the sea, and rainbows are a frequent occurrence due to the ever churning water.  Dinner will be together tonight at Gjaardargur Guesthouse.

Day 8 – Sunday, September 24

After just one night in the small holiday village of Gjogv, we will make our way over mountains and under fjords again, back to Torshavn.  Along the way, we will see remote farms and isolated churches, and stop in Vestmanna for a boat trip to see cliffs dotted with birds and grottos large enough to take the boat inside.  We will return to the Hotel Hafnia tonight for our final night in The Faroe Islands.  Dinner is on our own.

Day 9 – Monday, September 25

Homeward bound.  A day of airport transfers and flights.

Wool & Wispy Northern Lights 2017 Total Costs: $3500.00*

 * Discount of 3% when paid in full with check or bank transfer upon booking. 

Optional Extras Include: Single Supplements and Custom Airfare

Optional Extensions Available:

Extensions are available for those wishing to arrive early or stay later to explore more of Iceland on their own.  Please note on the registration form if you are interested.

Included in the Package Price:
  • Airfare from Boston or New York
  • 1 night accommodation at Arnarhvol in Reykjavik
  • 4 nights accommodation at Hotel Hafnia in Torshavn on Stremoy
  • 2 nights accommodation at Hotel Skalavik on Sandoy
  • 1 night accommodation at Gjaargardur in Gjogv on Eysturoy
  • 8 Breakfasts, 3 lunches, 3 dinners
  • 2 Knitting Workshops with local designer Katarina í Geil
  • Boat Tour
  • Visits with Local Knitters and to various yarn shops
  • Guided Walking Tour of Torshavn
  • Museum Entrance Fees
  • Transportation in private minbus
  • Local English speaking guide
 Not included in Package Price
  • Custom Airfare
  • Alcoholic drinks and personal items
  • Northern Lights – not guaranteed!
  • Yarn!

This group is limited to 16 participants to ensure a small group experience. Rowan Tree Travel has purchased a Group Protection Plan on behalf of all participants.*

*The Group Protection Plan may not apply to participants who are not US Citizens.  Please inquire for details.

This trip needs at least 12 participants in order to proceed.  Please refer to the Group Protection Plan Document for cancellation coverage.  All cancellations should be communicated as soon as possible via email to heather@rowantreetravel.com

Rowan Tree Travel cannot be held responsible for the acts, defaults or delay of any hotel, coach, operator, airline, guide, restaurant or any other persons or companies, however caused. RTT is not responsible for losses in the event of force majour, such as natural catastrophes, strikes or other corresponding causes. We also reserve the right to alter routes due to road or weather conditions without prior notice. In the rare cases that there is a double booking or a good reason for moving the guest, we reserve the right to do so by providing similar accommodation or better in the same area.