Sagas of Iceland Tour – March 3 -13, 2018

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 Sagas of Iceland

March 3-13, 2018

The early history of Iceland is as wondrous and mysterious as the land itself.  Legendary figures perform superhuman feats as they negotiate the magical landscape populated by witches, trolls, and elves. 


These legends are recorded as the Icelandic Sagas and are fascinating amalgams of fact and fiction, much as the landscape itself is a jumble of fire, ice, and farmland. 


Remarkably, as you pass the farms that dot the Icelandic landscape, the place names recorded in the sagas are still farmed today, the hard work spent to tame them not wasted, but handed down from generation to generation as a legacy of those who first settled this stark land.  Although this tour will have plenty of opportunities to experience Iceland’s dramatic waterfalls, lava fields and geothermal vents, as well as modern pleasures such as hot tubs and modern Icelandic cuisine, we will keep a fixed eye on the tales the landscape tells of the Saga Times.    16 people maximum, singles limited, some accommodations will have shared bathrooms.