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Rowan Tree Travel offers small group, escorted tours for individuals with a curious mind and a love of travel.  Each tour provides insight into the traditions at the heart of a community, whether we’re exploring knitting patterns, hearing local legends, or visiting distilleries. Our signature tour, “Wool & Whisky” takes place each fall in Scotland. We also offer a rotating selection of trips to Iceland, the British Isles, and further destinations each year.

Rowan Tree Travel intentionally journeys with small groups (typically 12-15 participants). By doing so, we can access the people, places, and events that larger, coach tours simply cannot. We facilitate meaningful interaction between tour participants and local residents at every opportunity. We provide a balance between structured, group activities and independent exploration. We offer comfortable, authentic accommodations. We search out and include theme-based, local events.  A Rowan Tree Travel staff member accompanies every tour to insure your journey is as comfortable, rich in experience and worry-free as possible.

We invite you to review our list of scheduled tours. Additionally, Rowan Tree Travel offers bespoke tours to a number of destinations.  Whether you are a knitting club that yearns to travel to the source of favorite yarns or a family group that wishes to explore the world together, we’d be happy to work with you. Rowan Tree Travel can create a journey tailored to your interests and vision.



Small Group Cultural and Craft Tours of Northern Europe and Beyond

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