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Rowan Tree Travel provides small group escorted tours for individuals who share a curious mind and a love of travel.  Each tour provides insight into the local traditions at the heart of their community, whether that’s Traditional Knitting Patterns, Myths & Legends, or a Local Brewery giving new life to an old recipe.  Although the Wool & Whisky Tour to Scotland is an annual offering, you will also see a rotating selection of tours to destinations such as Iceland, The British Isles, and other European countries.

At Rowan Tree Travel we strive to achieve a balance of group activities and independent exploration; comfortable and authentic accommodation; sightseeing and time to enjoy your surroundings.  Visits to local events are often incorporated, and are a wonderful way to connect with locals.   Groups are always kept between 12-16 people to assure access to smaller restaurants and attractions that would be passed by on a coach tour. 

Although Knitting Tours are our largest offering, each year we will also be offering a tour that will focus on highlighting the Myths and Legends of our destination, including a night of storytelling or local musicians.  So many of castles, scenic spots, and ancient sites have treasure troves of stories and sagas to enrich your visit that get passed over when you are traveling on your own.  Local guides are brought in on key days to help bring the local tales to life. 

In addition to our scheduled departures, Rowan Tree Travel offers bespoke tours for groups.  Whether you have a knitting club that yearns to travel to the source of your favorite yarns, or family and friends who want to explore the world together, we can create an exclusive tour just for you.